Croxley Welcome Club Christmas Meal

January 9th, 2017

Croxley welcome club’s traditional Christmas Meal went ahead as Getting Together with the help of the sea cadets from TS Renown take up the reigns.

The welcome club’s traditional Christmas Meal was in doubt this year, but when the Getting Together Clubs team became aware of the situation they set about ensuring that the older people of Croxley Green did not miss out on their Christmas meal.

The event took place on Saturday January 7th at the Red Cross Community where members enjoyed three course meal served admirable by the volunteer cadets from TS Renown. After the meal members were entertained by the singing talents of Aimi Percival.

Organisers Vanessa Wright & Tony Hutt would like to send out a special thank you to Angie Hutt for preparing the meal, the Getting Together Team for their commitment to the event and all the cadets from TS Renown for making the event that little bit better for everyone.


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