Lesley Creek

May 3rd, 2016

I Found out of Five way Friends, going to Holywell Centre, to a meeting. Going to look at some leaflets on display, and found one on Five Way Friends. Contacted them, I think I spoke to Tony?, who was very nice. Sent me details about the Club at Mill End, very close to where I live. This was in July 2015.

At that time, I was dealing with the loss of my Dear Husband, and just wanted to get out and makefriends. Being a carer for best part of 30 years, was not easy to make changes. When I joined Mill End Club, I was made to feel so welcomed, did my best to talk to people, and joined in with morning sessions and afternoon sessions. Was so nice to have company, and not have lunch on  my own also.

There were a couple of different staff when I first joined, but they did work very hard, to help make ourtime there nice. Of course it was nice to have something to look forward too.


Life is for living, enjoy yourself! –

Lesley Creek

So pleased to say, that I am a different person to last year, and Five way Friends have helped me so much. There are some changes again with helpers etc, and they really work very hard to look after us members. I love the sessions, lovely people again, helping us in many ways.

I also recently, started to be a helper, and it opened my eyes to how much is done, to make it such a good club. I call them a good team!!, very supportive, very dedicated, lovely people to be around.

I have also started my session at our club, and have been asked to go to other clubs also, to do Drum and Chant. This really has opened another door for me, I feel more confident, and love sharing with other people. Getting back to being more me!!.

Enjoy also, the time we have on trips etc, our club really enjoy themselves!!. I have also along with other friends at the club, been a rep for the club, and gone to the meeting to discuss our issues etc.

My Friends at the club, also say I have changed since being there, which helps me to know I am gettingthere.

So to finally finish, I have met some lovely people, made more friends, come a bit more out of my comfort zone. Too add again, Dominika, Steve and all other Helpers, make it a Club to be Proud of.

Whatever happens in the near future, may our Mill End Club continue to flourish, and make  us allHappy!!. Thank you for letting me tell you, how lucky I am. Very Sincerely. Lesley Creek

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